The Oregon League of Conservation Voters coordinates the Oregon Conservation Network, a coalition of nearly 40 organizations throughout the state united in one message: together, we can pass pro-conservation priorities, protect our unique quality of life, and ensure a better Oregon for our children. For nearly 20 years, OCN has advocated for a shared agenda, our Priorities for a Healthy Oregon, while also identifying and fighting policies that threaten our natural legacy.
During the 2014 legislative session, OCN advocated the following Priorities for a Healthy Oregon:
Meeting our Carbon Emissions Goals
Climate change is an issue that unites OCN members, from groups concerned with wilderness protection to groups concerned with expanding energy options. Oregon, working in concert with her neighbors to the north and south, can and should play a leadership role in reducing carbon emissions. In 2014, various bills will be introduced that will affect our state’s ability to meet our existing greenhouse gas reduction goals.We strongly support removing the sunset on our Clean Fuels Program, which will reduce the carbon intensity of our transportation fuels by 10% over the next 10 years. We also strongly support any efforts to protect Oregon’s successful renewable energy standard. We will also work together on any bills that promote energy efficiency or responsible renewable energy.
Preserving Pro-Environment Program and Agency Budgets
In 2013, the Governor and legislative leaders worked together to ensure a reinvestment in the state agencies that protect our environment. This session, OCN members will work to ensure that any cuts to the state budget do not disproportionately fall onto those agencies and programs tasked with protecting clean air and water, enforcing existing environmental standards, and moving our state toward meaningful action on climate change.
Defeating Any Attemps to Roll Back Existing Environmental Protections
For decades, conservationists in Oregon have fought to establish landmark environmental policy: public beaches, our unique land use system, protections for wetlands and watersheds, and more. And for decades, OCN has defended those environmental policies from countless attacks. 2014 will be no different. We anticipate attempts to circumvent the land use system, skirt new restrictions on suction dredge mining in endangered fish habitat, take more water from rivers and streams essential for both public health and fish habitat, and other measures that roll back existing law. Together, we will defend against such attacks.