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Diversify Bend’s Transportation Future

Transportation is one of the most important issues facing the Bend community. A balanced transportation system is key to achieving Bend’s greenhouse gas reduction goals and will support an economically vibrant community that protects public health and the environment, helps reduce congestion and ensures that all residents can get where they need to go.

The City of Bend is currently updating its Transportation System Plan (TSP) and is nearly finished, with the formal adoption process slated to begin in late summer/early Fall 2020. Any new transportation projects, including those focused on transit, bike lanes, sidewalks, and roads, must be included in this plan. The decisions made between now and the TSP’s adoption will determine whether Bend’s policies, programs and investments support a healthy, safe, and climate-friendly city or an automobile-centric city with few multi-modal options for residents.

COCN’s Diversify Bend’s Transportation Future campaign supports a transportation system plan for Bend that:

  • is safe and healthy for Central Oregon’s residents and environment;
  • makes investments in historically underfunded walking, biking, and transit networks;
  • and improves equity by better serving low-income, minority, disabled and other underserved populations.

We can protect our surrounding ecosystems and natural beauty by advocating for an environmentally
sustainable transportation system.

Mike Riley, The Environmental Center,, 541-385-6908,
Rory Isbell, Central Oregon LandWatch,, 541-647-2930,
Alexis Biddle, 1000 Friends of Oregon,, 503-497-1000 ext. 8,